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Get demo data mining software to link your Access to your database at Graf-fx

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Robert Bruce's: Astral Dynamics Astral Magic: Simple Ways To Manifest Positive Magic With Astral Travel by Nita Hickok

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NetRadio Network has 150+ channels.

Get David Bowie's newest single release,
"Telling Lies" at the only place you can get it.


Live Auction of Computer parts  


Digital Avatar is a "beautifully illustrated site..." and "...makes full use of the Internet's multimedia capabilities, using text, images, sounds, music and movie clips to teach visitors about the most well known Hindu Deities and avatars. Other features include a tour of temples in southern India and computer-generated montages of spiritual life in the Indian town of Udupi."



Barter.net is a great place to find bartering exchanges in your city. ITEX: The World's Largest Retail Bartering Exchange

BEST of the BEST

100 Best Computer Products of 2005—PCWorld

The Year's Top-rated CDs—Metacritic.com

Best Music of 2005—Amazon.com

2005's Best Video Games—Gamespot

2005's Highest Grossing Movies—Lee's Movie Info

The Top 25 DVDs of 2005—Rolling Stone

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The Year's Best Wines—Wine & Spirits magazine

The Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants in the World—Travel Channel

The World's Top 50 Restaurants—Worldpress.org

Top 10 Most Popular New Cars of 2005—autoweb.com
The Ten Best Places to Live—CNN/Money

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Doron Witztum's Torah Codes






In '83 the mathematician Prof. Eliyahu Rips began to conduct quantitative research into the subject: His work appeared in the periodical, Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, Vol. 151, Part I ('88), p 165. The rest of, a brief part of, the history can be found on Doron Witztum's page above.

The article that created the international controversy, Doron Witztum, Eliyahu Rips and Yoav Rosenberg's "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis," (Statistical Science [ISSN 0883-4237], Volume 9, Number 3, August 1994, may be obtained by contacting the Institute of Mathematical Statistics.

"Brendan McKay of the Computer Science Department of the Australian National University, in conjunction with Dror Bar-Natan, Maya Bar-Hillel and Gil Kalai of the Jerusalem Hebrew University, wrote an article which appeared in the September 1999 Statistical Science entitled "Solving the Bible Code." The article refuted the original 1995 paper claiming that the method used to establish statistical significance was flawed." - from Codes in the Bible - which is, by far, THE most lucid article detailing the history of this controversial subject.

Bill Gates House

A clickable tour of the house Yahoo: A Map of Lake Washington

Awesome free online books

A free online study guidebook for spiritual development written by Barbara Stone is available at Return to Spirit
How to Ascend to the 4th Dimension

bewilderness is on online book by Palyne Gaenir telling the story of some remarkable events she experienced between February 1993 and October 1995.


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Messages of Change

On the Laura Lee webpage in the articles section you'll find Geophysics of the Paradigm Shift By Laura Lee Based on Gregg Braden's Awakening to Zero Point:The Collective Initiation

This article appears in Atlantis Rising Issue #7 - January 1996
Selected Articles from Byron's Portion of the Newsletter To help people prepare for emergencies and Earth changes


United States Interactive Climate Pages  

 Live Chat

OMNI Prime Time has a list of upcoming live chat on a plethora of esoteric subjects.

Real Current Day Conspiracy

Go to AudioNet: The Broadcast Network on the Internet and downloading the Real Audio Player and then go to Sightings On The Radio Archives and listen to the November 14th show.

Or go to
SOFTWAR and read an "Interview With Former NSA Director Admiral McConnell".

Then go to The "Nothing Ever Happens At Mena"(TM) Official Home Page! where you can get Daniel Hopsicker's "The Secret Heartbeat of America", a $29.95 120 minute videotape which details the government's ongoing involvement in the smuggling of cocain, murder, and friendly relations with the mafia.


Publication Of Dead Sea Scrolls Completed

The Dead Sea Scrolls
The Essenes and the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran

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Dreams That Can Save Your Life: Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Diseases



The Association for the Study of Dreams

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Spirit Watch

The Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Want to get FREE interpretations of your dreams. You can email them to som@som.org and Interpretations will appear each week at the
SOM:School of Metaphysics




South Atlantic Anomaly

UN: Carbon dioxide pollution levels at record high, chief gas warming Earth’s atmosphere

A bad month for climate-change skeptics

Study: Europe's summer was hottest in 500 years (3/4/04)

Over 100 Earth Quakes in the 30 days prior to 11/1/02

Sean David Morton's
DelphIII Associates

Michael Mandeville's: MetaSyn Media
Solar Flare May Disrupt Worldwide Communication


The Chemical Scorecard keeps up with pollution data

SYZYGY...An Earthquake Prediction Newsletter

Is the magnetic field of the earth changing dramatically?

What does Drunvalo say about it?
C.E.R.N Scientific Study Concludes – Global Warming is Caused By The Sun!

Lori Toye - Prophecy and Predictions for Earth Changes from the I Am America project

Climate Model Predicts Dramatic Changes Over Next 100 Years

Quest to pin down magnetic axis takes scientists to remote regions

Study: Current that warms Europe weakening: Change could cause dramatic temperature drop (12/1/05: CNN)

Researchers: Humans Changing Dynamics Of Pathogens, Parasites In Oceans

Researchers: Oceans Could Soon Be More Acidic Than When Dinosaurs Died (Carnegie Institution's Department of Global Ecology)

U.S. Government Finally Faces Facts (about global warming)(8/31/04: Unknown Country)

Proxy Data  - controversy seems to swirl around use of proxies in compiling long-term temperature data.

Something weird is going on below us: Satellites in low-Earth orbit over Southern Africa are already showing signs of radiation damage

3/30/01: Factions In NOAA Said At Odds Over Revealing Eco-Meltdown from Top View hawknews@iname.com

A database of the environmental performance of 653 facilities in five industrial sectors -- auto assembly, pulp manufacturing, petroleum refining, iron & steel production, and the primary smelting & refining of aluminum, copper, lead & zinc - is now available, at the EPA's Sector Facility Indexing Project Home Page

Update on the Fourth Dimensional Shift and the Translation Period: Another Message from Drunvalo
talks about the largest explosion ever recorded recently and many things that have happened since then.

For Release: Jan. 14, 1997:Yale and NASA Astronomers Predict Decline in Sunspots, Which Could Bring Cooler Weather, Fewer Electronic Disruptions

Contrary to what you're hearing from amateur sources on the Art Bell Show, what is really happening with current and projected SOLAR activity?


Eckankar Home page.
The Worlds of Eck

Eckankar, What Is It?

Secret Teachings
The Unauthorized Eckankar(tm) Page

The Significance of Twitchell's Lying About His Age

The Problem With Brad Steiger's Time-line of Paul Twitchell


IBVA Technologies Inc. Center Pointe
Shakti consists of a prototype headset, CDs, and support from it's inventor.

Altered States NZ (New Zealand) also sells just about anything that's out there.

Joseph Bennette's: Theta Technologies is another good source for L/S machines.

Tools for Exploration(the ultimate source for mind machines) sells just about every mind machine available on the market.

Zhentao's World is a great place to start your search for a mind (light and sound - l/s) machine. He talks about the best features of the most popular units in an easy to understand manner.

Audio Strobe systems allow you to use CDs and your PC together with your light/sound machine. If the L/S machine you choose isn't AudioStrobe compatible you won't be able to expand the unit and use it with your PC and CDs. That is, the binaural beats of the system won't be entrained with those on the CD.

Build it Yourself Electronic Circuits

Soul Insight.com talks about "building your own L&S (machine)."  As a former component level electronics technician I built a prototype for a light and sound (mind) machine. If you are a good solderer and have all the components (which can be very cheap at Radio Shack), including a schematic, you could build your own and save a bundle of cash.

Build Your Own LED glasses for Mind Machines has an "Audio Circuit - AudioStrobe / Turbosonic," electronic circuit, that can possibly drive one half of a set of goggles.


MIND WAVE Serious Entertainment LUMONICS: Light and Sound

Brainwave News

The Mind Machine Page

Find a hemi-sync dealer in your country.

Discount Tapes and CD's from the Monroe Institute Catalog
Find out how to Create Binaural Beats on your home computer at the Monroe Institute

Use CoolEdit96 to edit your sound tracks to create your own Binaural Beats on your home computer.





National Fraud Information Center The Better Business Bureau

Free Diving

Patrick Musimu
Tanya Streeter

Jacques Mayol
Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras

FREEDIVING and Snorkeling Magazine
Wikipedia's Free-diver page - is an excellent page to start your search for information in this area  

The BIOS Hall of Fame - has photos and biographical information on all of the big names in this competition

PBS.org's show "
No Limit" first segment featured French National team (freediving) champion Loice Leferme with his new June 2000 world freediving record of 450 feet. You will also wish to check out their "The Deepest Divers" section which features the research of Dr. Terrie Williams who studies the mammals who have the relaxation response necessary to stay under water a long time.

Future Earth Studies

Mass Dreams of the Future by Chet Snow, PHD
The Book to the left

Leading Edge International Research Group
Foundation for the Future

Future Based on the Studies of Robert Monroe
Hank Wesselman has written 4 books about his experiences with a future descendent of his that he spent considerable time with.


Mayan Predictions and 2012

Chilam Balam (wiki)

Prophecies of the Maya
Mayan Calendar and Prophecy for 2012

2012 Apocalypse? History, Science and Predictions

World of the Fifth Sun: Earth changes: THE WORLD WILL NOT END IN 2012

Lost Books of Nostradamus 2012 and Ophiuchus 3 of 3: The History Channel

The Book of Destiny: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Mayans and the Prophecy of 2012

2012 Prophesies of the End of the Mayan Calendar: Bibliography, Part 1: Jaguar Priest Calendrical Prophesies

23 July 2007 The Maya and 2012 on Coast to Coast AM (John Major Jenkins) part 1, 2, 3, 4



Planet X (Nibiru) due here Spring 2003?

Prophets and Prophecies

Prophecies and Predictions

Our Time, Our Place
Dreams of the Great Earth Changes

Long-Term Projections

Nostradamus on the AntiChrist

Millennialism Studies Consultation American Academy of Religion

Sean David Morton's:
Delphi Associates
Night of the Red Sky: The Prophetic Vision of 'Grandfather' by Tom Brown Jr.

Get future maps from Gordon Michael Scallion's
Matrix Institute and Lori Toye's I AM AMERICA.

John Hogue's: Prophecy Page is, by far, the best, and possibly only, comparative prophecy page on Earth.




Mike Beaver's Games Page


haarp links


Anatomy Of A Hoax: The Philadelphia Experiment


The Hopi Way Cloud Dancing



Lycos HoustonChronicle.com





Intuition Links


Zaba Search lets you find someone's address.

Learn (Almost) Anything About Anybody (PC World)

Investigative Resources On The Web

Search Systems






Job links


Kirlian Photography

Thelma Moss

Kirlian Home Page

Research and Standardization in Bio-Electrography

Triune: Kirlian Photography
Otto Rogge Photography

Energy Works: Kirlian Bio-Energy Cameras

Coronavision Kirlian Photography

Kirlian Photography
Tel Aviv University: Electrical Discharge and Plasma Laboratory



Kirlian effect - advanced scientific tool to study mind-body functions by READING AURA


Kundalini Research Network

Kundalini Research Foundation. Ltd.

Kundalini Resource Center

Yogi Tom's Home Page


Kundalini Resources on the Internet

Mistress Angelique Serpent
Sacred Sexuality List

Kundalini Awakens

Kundalini Gateway

pics of Kundalini-l mail list members

Oria's Kundalini Resources Along the Path

Kundalini Mailing List

kundalini-l mailing list Archives
International Directory of Kundalini Yoga Centers and Teachers




Online Library Resources

Oregon Index The Library of Congress

Life Extension / Longevity

Time Ship


The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator
Extropy Institute

Alternative Health News Online

USA Today: Study: Low-fat diets can go too far
World’s Last Person Born In The 1800s Celebrates Her 117th Birthday And Reveals Her Secret

The Doctor Will Freeze You Now: How low-temperature surgery could kick-start the cryo game (Wired: 5/04)

Cynthia Kenyon, PhD: Genes and Cells that Regulate the Lifespan of C. elegans - "Amazingly, if we perturb insulin/IGF - 1 signaling and reproductive cells in the same animal, we end up with animals that live SIX times as normal!"

Frequently Updated, or Live, Camera Pages

PaOpAo'S CaM

BEACH CAM Venice, California
Cape Hatteras,North Carolina

The Beach at Zandvoort
Steve Mann wears around (on his head) a camera to view his life.

VIRTUAL WEB CAMERAS - access over 600 Live Camera images throughout the world.

Cameras, Cameras, and MORE Cameras links to camera pages from all over the world.

Mailing Lists (email)

E-Mail Discussion Groups
Liszt: the mailing list directory Interactive E-mail Forums



UFO Sky Searchers International

UFO and Alien Research (UASR)


Karol Ann Barnett's The Kundalini Mailing List Reference.com's Kundalini-L Mailing List Archives from 1996


EV Mailing List - electric vehicle archives

Esoteric Mailing Lists and Usenet Groups


Ghost Watcher List
Crystal Skull


The Hall of Records Mailing and Crystal Skull Mailing Lists
Spirit-WWW has spiritual mailing lists about all the interesting stuff out there.

The Sacred Sexuality List "is devoted to the discussion of tantric spirituality."

Ascended Masters Space-Brother/Sisterhood, Ashtar-Command, and other groups Walk-Ins on spiritweb.org.




Easy Macro ver. 2.01

Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic Wellness Products




My old organization, Chuck Norris's United Fighting Arts Federation (UFAF)

World Martial Arts is the leading producer of contemporary martial art instructional videos.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy - the Gracie Brothers became famous after their success with the UFC.

Bujinkan Dojo Soke Masaaki Hatsumi - this ninja master is the last ninjutsu master living who trained under a fighting ninja teacher.

Anthony Bourdain sits down with Nick Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, and Nate Diaz (Anthony Bourdaine)

Links Pages

Martial Arts Access

Links to various Ninpo sites
Google > Sports > Martial Arts

Martial Arts Sites on the Web


Martial Arts Schools - Dallas


Marines' martial arts training aims to make the tough tougher




Mayan Prophecies and Calendar José Argüelles

Planetary Pilgrims José & Lloydine Argüelles

Some Sources for Info on the Maya

Mayan CAlendar Home Page

Four Ahou Press

The Mayan Wavespell Analysis Document


Checkout security issues here
Checkout virus issues here History here


Houston Public Television's Hotlist Sites to See
Softweb Entertainment Centre

Issues and Controversies - more links

MAJESTIC ALLIANCE NEWS CENTER has many interesting links.
NetSonic Links Page has over 5,000 links

What's New, October 1994

Web Developer's Virtual Library: CyberVR
Leading Edge International Research Group is a voluminous, interesting, resource page.

Byron L. Armstrong, MS, MSW, LMSW-ACP, BCD-CSW has a useful links page with many government, social, mental health, Texas and Austin links on it.



The Monroe Institute

TMI Voyagers IRC chat

How to have an out of body experience

alt.out-of-body Frequently Asked Questions

THE KNOWING: A Journey into Universal Enlightenment

Get RealAudio and checkout the interviews on this page.

Robert Monroe's experiences and dimensional paradigm.
Adventures Beyond the Body: How to experience out of body travel by William Buhlman

The Astral Projection/OOBE Course by Don DeGracia is a 15 part on-line class originally distributed as notes for the New Age forum on CompuServe during May and June of 1994.

International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology

Marilynn Hughes was on Coast To Coast AM on Dec. 15, 2008 - part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Out of Body Experiences: How to have them and what to expect by Robert Peterson.Patricia Leva's QCentral: Bridging the gap between science & the practice ofconsciousness education & training


Parapsychology / Paranormal / Science /Consciousness Research

science, research, consciousness, and paranormal links

 Past Lives

Dr. Ian Stevenson's, considered the world's foremost scientific authority on the phenomena of past lives, works at The Division of Personality Studies (DOPS); which is a unit of the Department of Psychiatric Medicine at the University of Virginia.

He also has another page at Children's Past Lives.

A Scale to Measure the Strength of Children's Claims of Previous Lives: Methodology and Initial Findings.pdf by Jim B. Tucker


The IBM Patent Server lets you access over 26 years of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) patent descriptions as well as the last 23 years of images.




Free Web Personals



Scott Yost's Everest and Nepal Trek



Netmeeting is free, and allows you to talk free of charge to anyone in the world who also has it, a microphone, audio card, and speakers.


Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga Wiki
Was blind mystic Baba Vanga's prediction about Syria conflict, nuclear warfare and WW3 just off by a year?

Other Prophets

Sean David Morton's DelphIII Associates Native American Speaking Wind dedicates his page to bringing the vision of the coming times.

Psychics & Psychic Abilities

Dorothy Allison

Barbara Mackey

Gayle St. John

Ann Fisher

Psychic Dreams Reveal Killer (2/16/06)

Dr. Lauren

Tristan Rimbaud

Sylvia Browne

Petrene Soames

Elizabeth Baron has performed 27 successful exorcisms.

Lou J. Free

Char Margolis

The Flamboyant Clairvoyant

Danah Zohar

John Holland

Dennis Jackson and Alice Best

Christine Wallace

Lesser Psychic Insights

The Unexplained Disappearance Of Mary Edna Badaracco

Charlene Ryan

Nancy's Psychic Resources
Lauri Moore

Joyce Morgan

Phil Jordan

Robert Cracknell

Kathryn Harwig

Carla Baron

Annette Martin

Robert Petro

Dr. Sally Headding

Greta Alexander's Legacy: An Objective Look at Her Claims

Kay Rhea

Psychic Detectives on Court TV

Police are reluctant to rely on psychics (2/23/03)

A police sketch done with the help of psychic Kay Rhea.

Carol Pate - a map to her psychic center.

Noreen Renier

Laurie Mcquary

Patricia Gagliardo

Nancy Orlen Weber

Christine Holohan

Sharon Johns
Phil Jordan: CNN: LARRY KING LIVE: Psychic Detectives: Aired 12/3/04: Transcript

In Depth: Doing the ‘time walk’: A psychic sleuth claims to bring past alive (Mary Downey)

Allison Dubois is portrayed in a new NBC TV series - ESP TV: Patricia Arquette gets clairvoyant in NBC's `Medium'

Joan Quigley's: 21st Century Astrologer - She was Nancy Reagan's astrologer, and was instrumental in breaking the stalemate in U.S./Soviet negotiations between Reagan and Gorbachev.

Etta Smith - also, regarding her, A woman whose so-called psychic vision led police to a woman's corpse in 1980 and to her own arrest in the slaying is suing police for causing "the ultimate nightmare of a civic-minded person," her lawyer says. (LOS ANGELES (AP))

Dr. Hans Holzer, paranormal investigator and prolific author has this to say about Psychic - Marisa Anderson: "Marisa Anderson is more accurate on telephone readings than in person. She has foreseen airplane crashes and was able to warn clients not to take a certain flight, which saved their lives. She pinpointed the exact day that I would receive an offer regarding a film project, and she was right on target. A client who was looking to buy a used car was told not to worry, someone she already knew would soon offer her a car, which the psychic described in detail. Two weeks later she was offered just such a car by the mother of a friend." For Personal Reading Phone: 1-845-795-1173.

Chip Coffey is one of the the psychics frequently seen on the TV show Paranormal State.

Links Pages

Psychic Sahar's Resources for Alternative, Spiritual and Intuitive Development

Push Media

RSS Links



PHLIP.NET is the ultimate guide to push sites.

Atom Films

Netscape In-Box-Direct

Castanet Tuner

Intermind Communicator

My Yahoo! News Ticker

Digital Eentertainment Network is one of the X generation's best streaming video/audio broadcasters.




rafting links


The Official Rainbow Family page


realty.com is, by far, the definitive realty site on the web. NYRealty.com is as the name implies realty in New York.


The International Center for Reiki Training Creative Minds & the Healing Arts: Healing Across the Internet

Reverse Speech

David John Oates


CNET Romance links



Search Engine Links

Self Help

Over 192 products, including videos, tapes, and CD's available to order on-line at Dick and Tara Sutphen's Valley of the Sun including good tapes on getting out of the body, astral projection, etc., etc.


Terrence McKenna's Shamanism is probably the MOST comprehensive page on this subject on the web.

Shamanism Working With Animal Spirits

Sound Healing / Sound

Jonathan Goldman
The Tomatis Method Other Web Sites (music, sound, color, and light for healing)





Stigmata / Giorgio Bongiovanni

American Lighting - Stigmata Page

The Second Coming, UFOs, and the future of humanity Interview with Giorgio Bongiovanni by Monte Leach


Stunt Player's Forum

Sweat Lodge

Native American Sweat Lodge Ceremony

A Sweat Lodge
The Sweat Lodge

Welcome to the Sweat Lodge Home Page


Put your webpage on your T-shirt at Mackey Special Tees GET IT ON YOUR CHEST

Nichola Tesla

InfoGeek Gateway includes FBI / FOIA documents , particle beam accelorators, fireballs, polpulsion systems, wireless of power, discoveries and work in the fields of gravity and cosmic ray research, and more , all in the early 1900s!

Time Lines & Time Travel

John Titor - Art Bell Coast to Coast AM 4/5/2000 Time Travel

The Anderson Institute

Professor Ronald Mallett on Time Travel

A User's Guide to Time Travel

Steve Preston's Time Travel

NBCi's: Research: Time Travel: Links
Time Traveler

Professor Ron Mallett's Quest for Time Travel

Space Time: The Final Frontier

Time Travel

Leading Edge International Research Group: Time War Updates

Rick Lipani's Time Travel Realm
Successful Time Travel? Interview with Steven Gibbs ( Appeared in Strange Magazine, Spring, 1995 )

Starfire Tor owns a yahoo group entitled Inter-Dimension that focuses on time lines, time travel and inter-dimensional slips. She was recently interviewed on Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country online radio show.


Toastmasters International



Tree Alternative Paper Products

Progress in New Crops: Table of Contents

Purdue University's NewCROP: the New Crop Resource Online Program

Underexploited Temperate Industrial and Fiber Crops by Richard J. Roseberg

Domestication of Hesperaloe: Progress, Problems, and Prospects by Steven P. McLaughlin



Unschooling links

Useful Technology

Chromalux: Full Spectrum Lighting



McAfee Virus Info Library Checkout Microsoft virus issues here
ZDNET's PC PROTECTION GUIDE is THE best place to start when seeking virus info.


Impact Online




Wierd or Unusual but Interesting

INTERZINE: Issue#2 Peter Meyer

Deep Sites
Beyond Weird

The Active Mind: The Mysterious and Unexplained




Get Girls Interested in Computer Science
Colonel Ruby Bradley is the most decorated woman ever to serve in the US military.


ACM's Committee on Women in Computing 's mission "is to engage in activities and projects that aim to improve the working and learning environments for women in computing."

The IEEE Committee on Women in Engineering (WIE) "is dedicated to presenting information regarding issues and activities important to the Woman Engineer."

Women in Technology International "provides networking opportunities and business strategies leading to career advancement and success."

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